Regenerative Cardiac Therapy

RECARDIO (REgenerative CARDIOvascular Therapy) is an Austrian based life science company founded in 2011. It is focusing on drug based regenerative therapeutic modalities for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. After establishing proof-of-principle in vivo, it has entered clinical phase and is developing multiple therapeutic leads as the future regenerative medication for patients with various cardiovascular diseases, with the potential of improving their cardiac function, quality of life and survival.

Regenerative Medicine - The New Option

Regenerative Medicine is known as a process that replaces human cells, or promotes their regeneration, establishing the normal function of the body's organs or tissues. The regeneration of damaged tissue and organs may be achieved by replacing this tissue or stimulating the body's repair mechanisms. Patients receive the type of cells they are lacking through precursor cells that form the desired cell type or mobilizing the patients' own precursor cells to develop more of that kind. [1,2]  “We have shown that regenerative medicine techniques can be used to generate functional bladders that are durable. This suggests that regenerative medicine may one day be a solution to the shortage of donor organs in this country for those needing transplants.” stands a future chance by Anthony Atala from the Wake Forest Institute. [4]